Duende - the fusion of the self, spirit, audience, and the art to the extreme that one becomes it; sometimes dancing, sometimes battling with it, but always infusing the artist with the spirit of the universe itself.

Since the age of 12, i have spent much of my life dancing with and in search of duende.

This haus attempts to make el duende tangible by creating a world of one-of-kind and spirit infused wearable, hangable, and visual art.

Each piece in my online collection has been created, crafted, curated, and infused with spirit of duende.

Because that's how i live my life.

And i believe that you should too.

Because a life without passion, without spirit, without magic, without art, without duende is just a vessel of existence. 

And we are so much more than that. 

We are living, breathing, walking complex pieces of art infused with the spirit of everything and the all.  

And it's time we started living that way.  


haus of duende is a virtual art haus & the shopping extension of haus of duende, inc.haus of duende, inc. is brandi amara skyyGAGland media, and haus of duende shopAll rights reserved.