• Image of Skyy Readings: Birth Chart

Your birth chart is your cosmic fingerprint - a collection of energies that you were born with that you can either harness to help you achieve your dreams and manifest the fuck out of your life or ignore and unknowingly fight against.

My job is to help you understand and make use of all these energies so you can forge brazenly forward in any & all that you do.

That starts with understanding your own energy, strengths, and weaknesses, Your birth chart is the most valuable - and personal - tool you have at your disposal to do the kind of excavation work your dreams call for.

What you get: A deeper connection to yourself, the universe, and understanding of what needs to be done and the many ways you can go about doing, being, creating, and living your best, most fulfilling, most magical life ever.


Upon receiving payment, you'll receive a short questionnaire. Once it's filled out, i'll get started. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for delivery via email.