• Image of Bandita - The official fan club of Brandi Amara Skyy

Love me? Love my art?

Looking for a quick, fun, and easy way to support what i do?

Joining Bandita, the official old-school fan club of Brandi Amara Skyy (me!), is THE BEST WAY TO SUPPORT ALL OF IT . . . AAAAAAAND get some pretty awesome swag in return!

Your official Bandita fan club welcome pack o'goodies includes:

- Super official membership card
- Official welcome letter.
- 5x7 photo
- The infamous B sticker
- FAN CLUB MEMBERS ONLY zine - made exclusively with love for YOU!
- 10% coupon to use towards your next purchase at my official store - here!

Inspired by my love of 80's fan clubs, i wanted to create a fun and innovative way for all those peeps who want to support me + my work, but don't necessarily fall into any of my service & product categories.

And a throwback way for those that do!

The money earned from my fan club goes DIRECTLY BACK INTO my art so i can continue creating spectacular, fun + useful things for all of you!

Thank you for your support . . . and for believing in me.


Illustration by Looney Lolita